DeAgostini publishing imprint Planeta Libri launch Brave Bunnies books in Italy.

by | May 16, 2022

First ever Brave Bunnies launched in Italy with our strategic partner for the territory DeAgostini and their publishing imprint Planeta Libri to rollout 10 new titles in year 1.

The books based on the Ukrainian kids’ series BRAVE BUNNIES are out in Italy
The sales of the first collection of books published by DeAgostini opened this Autumn.

From now on, the characters of the BRAVE BUNNIES series have become even closer to their little fans. Italian publisher DeA Planeta Libri, which is a subsidiary of Grupo Planeta and DeAgostini became the first company to publish books based on the popular kids’ series. The deal was arranged by KidsMe, the distributor and agent for BRAVE BUNNIES in Italy. As of Q4 2021, the first books about the adventures of the Brave Bunnies appeared on the shelves of Italian bookstores. The book collection includes sticker books Amici Incredibili (Incredible Friends) and In Giro per il Mondo (Around the World),
as well as hardcover books Eroi Controvento (Brave Heroes), Strisce da Esploratore (Hidden Treasure), and Pulizia Cosmica
(A Great Mess). In October DeA Planeta Libri launched the books in leading book chains with 800 stores nationwide, as well as on online platforms. Besides the book chains, the books are available in over 300 mass-market outlets across Italy.
Olga Cherepanova, author and Creative producer of BRAVE BUNNIES, comments:
“The first release of books based on BRAVE BUNNIES is a major event for the team of the series. This release is another step
toward building a full-fledged universe around the BRAVE BUNNIES series and its characters. Each new viewer of the series is motivating and inspiring us to go forward. That’s why we are always excited to gain new fans and connect with the established fanbase in a new way — through print media. We are proud to work with the talented team of KidsMe and DeA Planeta Libri — the undisputed market leader.” KidsMe became Glowberry’s first partners and paved the way for the global distribution of the project.
Brenda Maffuchi, Chief of Co-Productions, Licensing and Sales Officer at DeAgostini/KidsMe said: “We are very happy to have confirmed this first license for BRAVE BUNNIES in Italy. It will be the first of many licenses and contracts we are working on in the Italian market. We are hoping to confirm these agreements very soon because we know that BRAVE BUNNIES is an IP with great potential and we can’t wait to see the Brand’s products in the Italian market.”
In Italy, BRAVE BUNNIES premiered this spring on RAIYoYo. The series first aired on the streaming service Rai Play and began airing on Rai YoYo nationwide on April 19.

BRAVE BUNNIES is a unique entertainment and educational series for preschool kids, based on the original story by creative producer Olga Cherepanova, created in coproduction with a Spanish animation studio Ánima. The visual style of the series is created by a famous Ukrainian illustrator Anna Sarvira. The Director of the series is Tim Fehrenbach (UK). The Head Writer for the series is John van Bruggen (Canada). Aardman Animations, the Oscar-winning animation studio, is the international distributor of the series. Before the world premiere, BRAVE BUNNIES became the pitch finalist of the international animation festival Cartoon Forum 2018. The project was created with the support of FILM.UA Group, the State Film Agency, and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

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