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With a combined 60+ years of commercial and brand licensing experience, gained at a diverse range of large global media corporations, we offer an agile, proactive and reliable agency that can see and create without limits.

Our services

Big Picture Licensing offers an array of services from licensee sourcing, through to contract drafting, brand evaluation, product distribution and development. Below are some examples of these services.

Business development
  • Licensee sourcing
  • Deal terms negotiation
  • Licensee management
  • Global networks
  • Market insights
  • Legal templates
  • Contract drafting
  • Agreement full-execution
Brand management
  • Strategy and development
  • Evaluation and positioning
  • Market resarch
  • Royalty reports
  • Collections
  • Invoicing
  • Support with broadcasters and retail
  • Trade press
  • On-the-ground activations
Product development
  • Affiliate PD service
  • Product design
  • Product approvals

How we work

Big Picture Licensing identifies and secures new revenue opportunities with a flexible, ethical and holistic approach to doing business.

We bring a long-term, lateral, consultative attitude to international trade, where all clients are considered a partner.

To challenge limitations, we think innovatively and deliver sustainable 360 solutions for all clients.

Whatever your needs, Big Picture Licensing is ready to step-up and partner with you on specific projects, as a traditional Licensing Agent and/or Product Distribution Agent.

Our models

We broker and connect new business opportunities for IP owners, licensees and investors across international markets, with introducer or full-service licensing agent model. We can work as a full-service licensing agent, and also have a ‘skinny agent’ model, where we broker incremental new business opportunities for licensors and licensees for a reduced agent fee.

With the introducer agent model, we act as a ‘plug and play’ resource for licensors, identifying and securing new deals across single or multi-territory markets, with a focus on non-traditional product categories. These categories include FMCG, promotions and technology products for companies who are generally new to the licensing industry.

Product distribution

Big Picture Licensing supports licensees and product suppliers to expand their distribution into new territories and retail channels across EMEA and APAC markets.

We have a wide range of distributor and retailer contacts across EMEA and APAC regions covering a wide variety of product categories. We can search for a viable buyer and, if secured, then broker a deal for you.

Let us help you expand your distribution footprint and advise you on Licensor contract amendments to increase your territory rights.

Location Based Experiences (LBE)

We offer support with LBE rights between IP owners and new licensees around the world to secure the right brand for the territory and an experiential business model. We believe that when a consumer interacts with a brand in the physical world, this opens a unique emotional connection between brand and consumer. Consumers require meaning, feeling and a sense of belonging,

This is particularly the case with Millennials (1980-94), Gen-Z (1995-2015) and Gen-Alpha (2015+), who value experiences above all else to create memories and brand associations that will last a lifetime.

Global loyalty promotions, strategy and training

We create and deliver bespoke retail loyalty promotions and strategy for clients.  With insights into IP, product categories and promotional programs for brand owners, mass retailers & Loyalty promotion specialists across all international territories and retail channels.

We work with clients to develop full brand licensing plans for IP, products and services to plan an effective route-to-market and a 360 licensing strategy.

Bespoke training services are available on both a one-to-one and a group basis, giving insights into the licensing industry from the basics, through to advanced processes, territory knowledge and industry connections.

Our team have delivered a number of keynote speaker engagements around the world including the Las Vegas Licensing Show, India Licensing Expo, Licensing Russia and Korea Character Licensing Fair (KCLF).


We represent two modern, topical and subversive talented artists, BOB Moran and the Mahoney’s comic book series from Hardline Comics.

Both these artists create artworks that challenge and subvert narratives in their relative spaces. BOB was national newpaper The Telegraph’s infamous resident political cartoonist for 11 years and now works with the Democracy Fund. We have extended his brand into Apparel lines new in 2021.

Mahoney’s is an innovative and subversive take on the super-hero genre that revolves around a super-villain bar ‘where nobody knows your name’. We have now secured a new paperback publisher to bring the latest series to a global audience. Next up is an eye on securing a production deal to bring Mahoney’s to the screen.

Management team

We love brands! To challenge limitations, we think innovatively and deliver sustainable 360 solutions for all clients.

Dan Frugtniet

Dan Frugtniet

MD / Founder

Dan is a Media and Brand Licensing executive with 20+ years’ experience working for a wide range of media owners including; BBC Studios, IPC Publishing, The Mirror newspaper, The Walt Disney Company, LazyTown Entertainment (WarnerMedia Company) and Viacom (Paramount).

Dan worked for Viacom Nickelodeon Consumer Products, based in London from 2010. He left the company in 2018 as Vice-President, International Licensing & Business Development.

Dan has worked across International markets in the brand licensing industry for the past 17 years and has extensive experience of establishing brand licensing businesses in developing territories and building solid foundations for sustainable revenue growth. He has managed vertical Licensing businesses with a client direct model as well as Licensing Agent model across many territories within the UK, EMEA, MENA and APAC.

With extensive Licensee contacts in all key territories and product categories, Dan has travelled frequently for many years across emerging markets on business along with more mature markets within Europe / APAC and rest of the World (54 countries and counting).

Dan has a Post-Graduate Degree in Education & has delivered keynote presentations around the world on business, as well as for Licensing International in India, USA and South Korea.

In 2018, he founded BIG PICTURE LICENSING as a bespoke Licensing agency to help all clients identify and secure new business opportunities as well as offer licensing training modules where companies can learn the insider trade secrets of the International Brand Licensing Industry.

Mark Kingston

Mark Kingston

Strategic Advisor

Throughout his career, Mark has occupied senior roles at some of the world’s leading media and consumer goods companies, such as Mars, BBC Worldwide, The Walt Disney Company, Nickelodeon, Viacom, Paramount, and ZAG.

His expertise has been pivotal in guiding international operations, cultivating a portfolio of some of the most celebrated film and TV franchises, including titles like Toy Story, CARS, Pirates of the Caribbean, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Paw Patrol, Baby Shark, Top Gun Maverick, MTV, and South Park.

Most recently, Mark fulfilled the role of Senior Vice President International at Paramount Global.

In this capacity, he was at the helm of the firm’s global strategy outside the United States for over ten years, managing a business division with revenues surpassing $120 million and leading a dedicated team of over 100 professionals.

Boasting a rich background that stretches over 24 years in the consumer goods sector across various product lines and territories, Mark’s experience and broad network of contacts are unparalleled.

Mark is a valued addition to the Big Picture Licensing team, bringing a strategic vision and an unrivalled skill set that are instrumental for our future growth.

His proven track record of nurturing globally recognised brands and guiding teams to success makes him an invaluable asset. Mark’s appointment underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation, setting the stage for unparalleled achievements in the licensing realm.

Ikuko Kogiso

Ikuko Kogiso

Director of APAC

Ikuko grew up in California until returning to Tokyo, Japan to attend middle-school. Growing up with a western, out-going American mentality and having experienced the transition to the subtle, “follow the crowd” Japanese culture, Ikuko decided to major in Philosophy at university to better understand and bridge western and Japanese culture.

Throughout Ikukos’ 20+ years experience in the entertainment industry, she has worked with Tohokushinsha Film Corporation, Toshiba Digital Frontiers Inc, Toshiba Entertainment, d-rights Inc and ASATSU-DK Inc.

Ikuko was appointed as President of Axis Euroasia Ltd in 2005 where she co-produced Appleseed Ex Machina with John Woo, Shinji Aramaki and Digital Frontier Inc.

From 2011 to 2015, Ikuko was the Head of Licensing, Head of Global Sales and co-producer at d-rights Inc.  Her team brought phenomenal success to the Beyblade – Metal Fight series through creative business solutions between TakaraTomy, Hasbro and brand licensing agencies and broadcasters around the world. At ASATSU-DK Inc, Ikuko spearheaded the evergreen property Crayon Shinchan and its first ever APAC Brand Summit.

In 2017, Ikuko founded Creative Minds LLC with the aim to evolve existing business models with a creative mind solution through clear communication channels and building a strategic network between Japan and the wider APAC region and the rest of the world.  In 2019, Ikuko and Creative Minds formed a strategic partnership and affiliation with Big Picture Licensing to develop and open new product distribution markets as well as provide valuable insight into the APAC region.

Donovan de Klerk

Donovan de Klerk

Global Licensing Director

Donovan is an ambitious and results-driven licensing professional who has successful track record of navigating the dynamic landscape of global brand licensing.

Having most recently served as the Global Licensing Manager at Exquisite Gaming Limited, he demonstrated a knack for securing new IP rights, expanding distribution channels, and diversifying portfolios, resulting in significant revenue growth.

His enthusiastic, strategic and analytical approach also facilitated strong relationships with major licensors such as Sega, Disney, and Warner Bros.

Armed with a BSc (Hons) in International Business from Loughborough University, he continued to upskill with certifications such as Certified Licensing Practitioner through Licensing International (2022) and was also subsequently nominated for the UK Rising Star Award in 2023.

Driven by a passion for new business development and a keen understanding of the value of licensing IP across different demographics, retail channels and geographies, Donovan is poised to contribute a diverse skill set and keen business acumen to further the success of BPL’s licensing ventures globally.


Big Picture Licensing has a strong reputation for delivering incremental revenue opportunities, managing all types of brands across all territories, categories and retail channels to identify and secure incremental revenue opportunities for clients, as demonstrated by just handful of the many testimonials we have received, below.

“Dan’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with his ‘can-do’ attitude makes him a hugely successful team member who consistently delivers results and creates new opportunities and openings. Dan has a broad and deep understanding of the nuances of licensing and the complicated regions and partners he manages. He works well with peers and support functions to ensure projects are delivered and revenue targets over-achieved.”

Mark Kingston

SVP International Consumer Products, ViacomCBS

“I have been working with Dan as an agent for more then 4 years and it has been a truly pleasant cooperation. Dan has the capability to make things look easy when in reality they are not. Never a bridge too far or mountain to high. His fun and engaging personality make him great to work with and his professionalism in spotting opportunities, motivating people and breaking barriers is second to none. I have celebrated big victories with Dan and hope to be working with for a long time.”

Maarten Weck

EVP & Managing Director, WildBrain CPLG

“I have known Dan for over 12 years and have been fortunate enough to work both directly and in tandem with him across the Licensing industry. A passionate professional, Dan brings his infectious enthusiasm and entrepreneurial approach to every project. In addition, Dan’s ability to adapt his approach in order to deliver on the objective makes him a pleasure to work alongside!”

Ami Dieckman

SVP International Licensing, Entertainment One

“Glowberry has gone through a long & successful business journey with Big Picture Licensing for the BRAVE BUNNIES project, being able to plan and implement the brand’s international licensing and partnership strategy, including brokering a successful equity acquisition partnership deal with the global studio WildBrain. At all stages of process, Big Picture Licensing has established itself as a reliable & professional long-term business partner to deliver and secure a bright future for Glowberry and BRAVE BUNNIES TV series & IP.”

Olga Cherepanova

Creative Producer, Glowberry

“What I really appreciate about Dan is his ability to pivot and quickly adjust to whatever may get thrown his way: he is quick to step into a panel function as needed, help colleagues- even sometimes rivals sort through challenges, etc. This flexibility reflects agile thinking and creative problem solving. It also reflects a strong work ethic and commitment to his industry colleagues.”

Maura J. Regan

President, Licensing International (Global Licensing Trade Organisation)

“I worked with Dan for several years at Viacom and always found him to a great commercial operator, with a refreshing focus on cutting through extraneous issues and getting to the business end of any deal. Added to that he has a consistent can-do attitude and is great fun to be around. A valuable addition to any commercial team.”

Nicholas Walters

Founder & CEO, Hopster

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