Donovan de Klerk

Global Licensing Director

Donovan is an ambitious and results-driven licensing professional who has successful track record of navigating the dynamic landscape of global brand licensing.

Having most recently served as the Global Licensing Manager at Exquisite Gaming Limited, he demonstrated a knack for securing new IP rights, expanding distribution channels, and diversifying portfolios, resulting in significant revenue growth.

His enthusiastic, strategic and analytical approach also facilitated strong relationships with major licensors such as Sega, Disney, and Warner Bros.

Armed with a BSc (Hons) in International Business from Loughborough University, he continued to upskill with certifications such as Certified Licensing Practitioner through Licensing International (2022) and was also subsequently nominated for the UK Rising Star Award in 2023.

Driven by a passion for new business development and a keen understanding of the value of licensing IP across different demographics, retail channels and geographies, Donovan is poised to contribute a diverse skill set and keen business acumen to further the success of BPL’s licensing ventures globally.